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The mission of the National Industrial Hemp Council of America is simple – to educate businesses and consumers on the benefits of hemp, creating the demand needed to drive markets and a well-regulated, standardised industry.


Hemp is both a versatile and sustainable material which is yet to be used to its full potential, be that in the clothing, construction, fuels or manufacturing industries.

The NIHC advocates for an international regulatory framework to boost consumer confidence, streamline trade and foster innovative change. Actively working towards this harmonisation, the NIHC consults governments, producers and organisations to promote knowledge sharing and drive a well-regulated, accountable industry.

Ultimately, the NIHC works to shape a future where producers thrive, trade flourishes and ideas transform industries, championing progress and creating a better, standardised tomorrow.

National Industrial Hemp Council’s mission

The mission of the NIHC is simple – to close information gaps by educating businesses on the benefits of hemp, creating the demand needed to drive markets and, in doing this, supporting members. The NIHC helps new market entrants and established producers by sharing resources, research and knowledge, enabling members to network. NIHC campaigns for and advises upon a legislative framework across the industry, educating consumers on the applications and advantages of industrial hemp.

Bringing together an expert team of leaders from across sectors and disciplines, the NIHC network works tirelessly to promote the production and use of hemp both in North America and worldwide. NIHC’s international market development focuses on Europe and Asia. Target countries include Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy, the UK, China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

To increase consumer confidence, simplify trade and transportation and allow the sharing of ideas and technology, the NIHC believes there should be an international standardised regulatory framework. As an organisation, the NIHC ensures a level playing field to the benefit of all and seeks to embed new sustainability standards for the growth and processing of hemp. This will further promote the confidence needed for brands to invest and for consumers to purchase.

The Hemp Sector

The global hemp industry is growing at a steady pace, however, the NIHC aims to assist in the acceleration of this growth as new uses for hemp are pioneered, more governments embrace the industry and consumers continue to invest in more sustainable products.

In 2019, the global market size of industrial hemp was estimated at US$4.71 billion and is projected to reach US$43.75 billion by 2027, with estimates also suggesting that it will maintain an annual growth rate of 15.8%.

The hemp industry has also grown rapidly across Europe, with the area of hemp cultivation on the continent increasing by 70% between 2013 and 2018. When compared to figures from 1993, the numbers of hectares dedicated to hemp growth on the continent have increased by 614%.

Due to this huge market growth, stakeholders are now looking for suitable hemp fibre technologies to be implemented in an environment where a lack of machines necessary for fibre processing is a common problem in Europe and other macro-regions around the world.

To find out more about NIHC, visit https://nihcoa.com/

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