Here at Only Natural, we love and respect our planet. Deeply concerned by the impact of fast fashion and artificial materials on the environment, we united to restore the balance and find the way to live in harmony with nature.

We cherish the beauty and versatility of natural materials and believe they are vastly underused as more and more items are produced using synthetics and plastic. Natural materials were used for centuries by our ancestors for their superb qualities. We find this inspirational – we need to go back to our origins by cultivating love for natural materials and showcasing sustainable alternatives to what is currently available in the market.

To help us do this, we receive funding from the Leather & Hide Council of America [L&HCA] and support from other partners (American Wool Council [AWC], Mohair Council of America, National Industrial Hemp Council of America [NIHC] and American Hardwood Export Council [AHEC]). We work together to promote natural materials worldwide and build a better future without waste.

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Only Natural

Working with our partners at Arts Thread to develop lifelong learning and career opportunities for students of fashion and design. Our partnership provides the opportunity to compete on a world stage, participate in industry led workshops, set up an outstanding portfolio and gain access to the resources that will kickstart careers in fashion and design.