Are there other worlds?

Category: Apparel

The designs are based on my question: “Are there other worlds?”, and I gave a visual answer: A fairy and an alien. As for describing the process and why it is eco, I can mention: For the alien look, I reused a table cloth(cotton), that i burned using a candle. For the alien’s arms to create the effect of degrade I used a pair of old tights I think the burning part gave a story to my design, an alien who landed on Earth. For the fairy look i used mainly wool: the top I created with the process called felting, it is very fragile and beautiful, emphasising how I perceive fairies. The skirt is also made out of a towel, that i found then I added wool and silk, i just wanted to try a not so common combination, which in my opinion was a great success. I hope it fits the idea. I am happy that I managed to create this designs using no money, but especially that I was able to actually create the material used for the fairy top.