The swamp series

Category: Furniture

Design objects created by investigating Lithuanian mythology. It was believed that mythical creatures live inside the deep waters (often swamps) where time is passing slowly, whispering that it is the field of the unconscious where our fears and anxieties about the unknown of the future lie. To create prototypes I experimented with glass making. I used different pigments and techniques to create a swamp looking surface in glass. For the wooden part I created a small model with my hands, using methods typical of sculpture, aiming to give these objects the opportunity to challenge us like sculpture. When using digital technologies, cnc cutting and unexpected those models were turned into design objects. Through form and material research, questioning myths and cultural heritage, this project proposes a unique design method, combining traditional crafts with smart industrial manufacturing processes (CNC machine) and modern approach to design. Created objects emphasize the potential of design to become a medium for better understanding our place in the world, highlighting the importance of environmental awareness and spiritual exploration.