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The Mohair Council of America is dedicated to researching, increasing profitability and perpetuating the sustainable production and use of Angora goats and their so-called ‘diamond fibre’, mohair.


The Mohair Council of America (MCA) promotes and advocates the sustainable raising of Angora goats and the production of their prized ‘diamond fibre’ mohair. Founded on principles of ethical stewardship and economic viability, the MCA champions initiatives aimed at upholding the values of responsible animal husbandry and environmental sustainability.

The MCA’s commitment to ethical production, sustainable practices and industry innovation underscores its pivotal role in shaping the future of the mohair sector.

Mohair Council of America’s mission

The MCA’s central mission is to promote and communicate the mohair industry’s commitment to ethical and sustainable mohair production. This mission directly informed the creation of the American Mohair Assurance (AMA).

The AMA was formed in 2020 by the MCA who, after working alongside Angora producers, designed a set of voluntary standards for mohair producers aimed to assure consumers of their ethical production practices. AMA aims to build trust with consumers and increase the use of American mohair, placing the U.S. as a trusted global leader in the mohair supply. Participation in the AMA is a way to show customers that Angora goats are raised responsibly and that the land on which they live is cared for effectively.

Mohair sector

From the import of a small flock of Angora goats in 1849, the United States has developed into one of the two largest producing nations in the world, with an annual production of two million pounds of mohair. The other main mohair sources are South Africa and Turkey.

As environmental and quality awareness issues of consumers rise, the market must meet these changing demands head on. Today’s consumer will not tolerate poor quality, unethical production or unsubstantiated claims. Mohair’s durability and quality highlights it as a leading natural fibre in the movement to slow fashion, providing a sustainable alternative to the synthetics that pollute our planet.

Through initiatives such as the AMA, the MCA aims not only to ensure the integrity of American mohair production but also to champion its global prominence as a sustainable and responsibly sourced fibre.

To find out more about MCA, visit https://www.mohairusa.com/

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